Blazed, Watching Dirt Turn To Daisies

by THC Dreams

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4 songs written in Sam's room.


released August 7, 2015

Tamlin Sinclair - Bass, Talking
Nick Fairburn - Guitar, Vocals
Sam Harbridge - Drums and Percussion
Tom Austin - Guitar

All songs written by THC Dreams
Lyrics by Tamlin Sinclair and Nick Fairburn
Recorded at St Brendan's Sixth Form College
Engineered by Nick Fairburn and Ben Brooker
Produced by Ben Brooker and Nick Fairburn
Mastered by Ben Brooker



all rights reserved


THC Dreams Bristol, UK

Funky fresh, keepin' it real

Tamlin Sinclair -Bass and speaking
Nick Fairburn -
Guitar and Vocals
Tom Austin -
Swag and Money
Sam Harbridge -
Skins, Sins and Twins


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Track Name: Blaze
I've seen behind the curtain
God sits directing and script writing
A certain turn of events at least that's what I tell myself
It's easier to admit than to live in a world where everything I do is an inch deeper in this hole I'm digging
Call It a grave but I'll sleep in it anyway
2 by 6 all day everyday Til the end of days

Until then I'll blaze
Til the devil takes me away I'll blaze
I'll sit alone and debate my long lost autonomy And if this will ever get the best of me
Until then I'll blaze

Heaven has a ceiling
I've seen it, felt the feeling
Of guilt-I left everything I've ever loved behind
Eternity's not enough time to heal
But it's enough to hide.
Track Name: Daisy
I've known forever it can't be,
You float with grace,
So composed, so beautiful,
I am a waste of a body and a soul,
A mind that could've been shipped with a better mould,
I will cease to exist and my name will be forgotten,

You will burn down to the bottom,
Like a rose you stand,
Waving in the subtle breeze,
Like a daisy you are,
A roach, a seed, a subtle weed,
I know you didn't choose this,
I know you want to be free,

I hope you feel fine,
And I hope you have been happy,
For if you were not happy I have failed,
You were planted in a world of hate,
But you're a shining sun in the void of space,
Create something beautiful with your power...
Track Name: Monroe
Marilyn Monroe you burnt out too fast
The last breath of a star before the supernova
But we're all made of star dust in some way or another

Tell Tom and jimmy I love them
Promise me, promise me

A light in the sky forever
One I'll scream your name to like my father
You're every stone on chesil beach
And the sticks and words that we feel that no one else comprehends

No, You promise me, you promise me
Nothing will ever change
You promise me, you promise me
That you won't go away
You promise me, you promise me
And i'll hold you to it
You promise me, you promise for him
Track Name: Dirt
Death doesn't mean shit when you've already felt it
After hurting the one person you love most in the world
After killing something beautiful just to see if it turns
Into Dirt, but it's Dirt you miss
Dirt you'd kill for, kiss
Tell your innermost secrets, your everything
I'd do anything for it if it could make a meadow sprout in you
And flowers bloom where you and I would lie until there's no light to see by
And we just hope the other remains by our side
And even though we're touching, it doesn't feel right

Thinking is dangerous when your whole life is an existential crisis

Death means everything when it's staring you in the face
And He's begging you to stop it
You don't want to but Death means everything
And life doesn't mean shit sometimes
But it means enough and that's enough for me